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About us

About us

Our company ‘Winwin’ makes it effortless to join the national lotteries, either solo, alone, or as part of a group.  Our office is open to the public and we have the best workers in the field to ensure our service is always at its best.

WinWin plays in all the national lotteries, every draw.  There are many methods of playing the lottery, but we at "WinWin" offer an affordable an easy to understand method.

You can subscribe either to play alone, or as part of a group.


Playing with WinWin you have the comfort of playing from home, no standing in long lines at the lottery desk in the rain, snow or shine, no having to worry that you will miss a draw or loose your tickets.  WinWin does all this for you!


WinWin's method of playing in groups works on simple logic: A person can purchase 100 tickets for each draw, but this is extremely expensive and worthless.  Instead we incorporate 100s of people to a group which then plays together.  In this way one is increasing the chances of winning, since everyone shares all the tickets.

WinWin offers you to either join an existing group or create your own group.

In 2011 this system proved effective when a group of subscribers at "WinWin" ₪24 million (£4,100,000).  It's important to note that each week there are always different winning within the groups at our company.

"WinWin" offers a unique opportunity to those who understand the advantages of playing in a group, without giving up on their dream of winning the lottery.

How? - WinWin's unique method?  Each member of the group chooses his own lucky numbers.  His ticket is then played as part of a group.  If his numbers win he will receive 50% of the prize. That is, he benefits from the increased chances of winnings as part of a group without giving up on receiving  the winning when his lucky numbers are picked.  40% is then divided between the members of the group, and 10% goes to the company.  In this way even if you did not win you still gain from the winnings of others.

WinWin has many different options to fit everyone's budgets  and everyone's dreams.  Once you have signed up and chosen you lucky numbers, the rest is all taken care of for you.  We fill out the tickets and submit them to meet every deadline, collect the winnings and passing them on to you!

Using WinWin you'll never have to worry about missing a draw, you do not have to fear about losing or misplacing your tickets, have the ease of playing  from home. and not having to go out in the snow, rain or shine and having to wait in a line at the lottery desk.  You can have the experience of playing the lottery from the comfort of your home.

There is always a customer service representative ready to help you with anything you may require.

"WinWIn" holds reliability and transparency of utmost importance.  On our website you can view all relevant information connected with subscription; the lucky numbers played by all members of your group, scanned tickets and much more...

The founder of "WinWin" is Mr. Avraham Levy, the legendary director of Beitar Jerusalem football team.  Mr Shmulik Levy, his son, is the CEO of the company and formally captain of the Beitar Jerusalem team, a former Israeli player.