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Why should I play as part of a group?

There is only one proven method to increase your chances of winning the lottery.  That is playing more tickets.  If one person alone would buy 100 tickets he would increase his chances of winning by 100, but this is expensive and worthless.

Playing as a group allows you to benefit from increased chances of winning without, purchasing so many tickets.  You can have up to 500 members in your group, increasing the odds of winning by 500!

Imagine instead of playing 1 ticket and the odds being 1:17,000,000 as part of a group your odds are now 1:34,000!

Now that’s a big difference without even costing you a penny!


With WinWIn you can choose to make your own group or to join an already existing one.

How are the winnings split?

Many groups share the prize equally but…

WinWin has a unique method of sharing the prize.

50% - goes to the holder of the winning ticket

40% - is shared by all the members of the group

10% - to WinWin.

This way you have the advantage of playing as a group, yet you don’t give your dream of winning the jackpot.  Even if your ticket does not win, you still have a chance of winning and earning.

When creating your own group you can select your own desired method to split the prize.

How can I create my own group?

Login and access the Accounts page.

Here you will find a tab called Create Group!

All you have to do now is choose....

  1. The name of your group.
  2. The friends you would like to invite to join, and if you would like your group to be closed to only your friends or open to the public as well.
  3. The lotteries you wish to play.
  4. How the winnings will be split!

Your all set and ready, just remember the larger the group the bigger the chances of winning!