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My Account

Can I choose my own lucky numbers?

Most certainly!

Whenever purchasing a ticket you always have two options:

  • Choose your own lucky numbers
  • Quick Pick

For each line you play and for each lottery you participate in you can choose the numbers to play, the same numbers or different ones.

You can always choose to do Quick Pick, and each time you will have different numbers.

Can I change my lucky numbers?

Most definitely!

For us to ensure that we record all changes, you must contact us either by fax, mail, or email, with your required changes and we will do it for you!

Where can I find my active and past tickets?

All information is available to you at ease, once logged in go to the Account page.

Here you view all details and aspect of your account.

  • Balance & Transaction

Deposit funds and withdraw
View all account activity and all their details

  • Dashboard

All draw details, active and inactive, your lines and group lines

  • Previous Draws

All draws of the past, your group winnings, and your personal gain as part of the group.

Credit card and Billing Information

Each time you place a new order, you can choose the option of New Card Details.

You can always contact our friendly customer service team for further assistance about changing your credit card details.