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The average billionaires are about 63 years old, have $3.1 billion, $600 million cash, have spent $160 million on luxury items, and go to have a game of golf!

There are 2325 billionaires around the world, each having around $3.1 billion, and a combined sum of $7.3 trillion.

Europe has the most concentrated population of millionaires, while the USA still hold the highest number at 571! 103 who reside it New York - the top billionaire city. Statistics estimate that by 2020 there will be 3800 billionaires in the world.

Most billionaires are self made, some inherit and then continue working on it, and only 19% of them are billionaires solely from inheritance.  Surprisingly only 65% of them have university degrees, and 63% have built a private company.

Bill Gates - the founder of Microsoft- is still the richest man, having $76 billion in the bank!
Jan Koum who has joined the list this year is the inventor of Whatsup which was sold to facebook for $19 billion!

Many billionaires have great interest in outdoor sports such as, skiing, hunting, sailing or fishing with 1 in 30 owning a sports team or racing horse.

Billionaires tend to live a family life with 2 children.  On average their estates can be worth 23.4 million, and they have a large network of connections, about 3 being other billionaires.