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All around the world the number 13 has meaning.

Superstitions from the number 13 are so strong, it was given a name “Triskaidekaphobia” meaning fear of the number 13 .

In Christianity it’s an unlucky number:  On a Friday of Jesus, Jesus and 12 emissaries dined together – 13 diners.  Wasn’t he Jewish, who betrayed his faith for the cross?  This is why the number 13 was said to bring bad luck, especially when the 13th of a month falls on Friday.

In History

·    This belief was reinforced after the incident of the famous battleship of the Royal Navy called “Friday”, which set out on its maiden voyage on Friday the 13th and never returned.
·    Another important event happened on Friday 13th, when the French King Philip ordered a massacre on the parade of Templar Knights.
·    The English gallows had 13 steps leading up to them, and the day of hanging was Friday.

In Judaism, 13 is actually a positive number: The age of Bar Mitzva, the Rambam’s 13 principles, 13 attributes of mercy, the numerical value of the word ‘Bereishis’ is 13, as is the number of letters in the names of the 3 forefathers and with the 4 mothers.
With the Ancient Egyptians, the number 13 meant afterlife, namely death – but on a positive note it meant that the Egyptians believe that death is another roll of life.
The Romans on the other hand claim that 12 hours and 12
months then the number 13 is that that beyond life & danger.
The Hindus and Vikings believed that it was incorrect to gather 13 people together, a faith based on mythology.
The Chinese and Japanese believe that the number 13 brings luck.
Numerology these digits 1+3 are of masculine literature, gifts, aggressive and creative energy, hence the number 13 is full of power.
Astrologist say the numbers 1 and 3 are fixed to the planet Uranus, which symbolizes the freedom of thought, freedom of expression, change and revolution, which explains the concerns of the Church with this number.
In the card game Tarot, 13 resemble death.

The bottom line is that the number 13 is a number which among many beliefs  arouses strong feelings all around the world.  The fear is so strong that there have been woman in labor who wanted to avoid caesarian birth in order not to give birth on that day.  In many building the floor number 13 is skipped as nobody would like to live on this floor.  On many streets the house number 13 is missed out, as who wants to live there, and many restaurants that do not have a table 13, as diners refuse to sit there.

There are also some superstitions associated with:
·    Someone who has 13 letters in his name has bad luck.

·    Do not go on a trip, set sail, move apartment, get married, close a business deal or any other important deal on Friday the 13th.

·    Do not cut nails or change the beds on Friday the 13th.

·    13 people dinning at a table, all will die within the year.

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